Dear children and teenagers!

To reduce possible anxieties you may feel when you first hear about “child and adolescent psychiatry” and to encourage you to get in touch with us at an early stage, we will give you a general idea of our services on the following pages.

Our specialists will try to help you with any kind of difficulties you may experience. You are the focus of our work. Together we can find solutions for many problems at an early stage, providing quick and permanent relief.


Dear Parents!

Unfortunately, in a rapidly changing society as ours, more and more children have behavioural disorders or emotional problems. These include major difficulties in their families, at kindergarden/school, problems with their friends, continuous grief and sadness, anxieties, change of eating habits, of sleeping habits or of social behaviour (e.g. aggressiveness).

Although most phenomena are of temporary nature, we recommend an early and quick evaluation in order to avoid negative consequences and to take the necessary next steps. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your problems with your child with our experts. Only by starting necessary treatment as soon as possible we are able to achieve best therapeutic outcome for your child. We will also develop and initiate further assistance together with you.

Our highly trained interdisciplinary team is working with commitment and competence to accomplish best possible care for our young patients. The cooperation of physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and physical therapists provides precise and comprehensive diagnosis and an individual treatment developed to meet the requirements of your child. We provide medication-free forms of therapy as well as pharmacotherapy if necessary.

In case you need our help, please contact our central office to make a first appointment.

With best regards

Prof. Dr. med. Veit Roessner


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