In the Department for Child and adolescent psychiatry at the Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Dresden research is done mainly for the following types of disorders for which there is also the excellent clinical expertise:

- Tic and obsessive-compulsive disorder

- Attention (hyperactivity) disorder

- Autism spectrum disorders

- Eating Disorders

- Schizophrenia

For all the topics we pursue a possible broad, multi-methodological approach with the aim of better understanding the processes "From genes to behavior ". Our approach is to focus on translational research in order to quickly move from research to improvements in diagnostics and therapy. The close cooperation with many researchers in Dresden as well as in Germany and abroad allows a productive scientific and personal exchange. Due to our cooperation partners, we are able to apply such a broad, multi-methodological approach, for which we are grateful at this point.

The following Methods are used:

- Genetics

- Epigenetics

- Psychopathology and phenomenology

- Neuropsychology

- Neurophysiology (EEG, ERP, TMS)

- Neurochemistry (CNS metabolites, Endocrinology, Neuroimmunology)

- Structural and functional neuroimaging (MRI, fMRI, DTI)